How I met Million Artists

Actually, I haven't met a million artists yet but I wish I could because I think every artist is very special. Every artist is unique as each of us in this Universe. Do you know a way to make this dream come true? I know at least one. Once upon a time I made an acquaintance with very optimistic and full of ideas man whose name is Eugene Pik. Later on, this April he told me a story about his fascinating project, which was started last October and is continuing to grow up until now. This is how has been discovered by me.

Tim Seaward, one of the artists, who wrote about this project, said: "Here is a crazy but amazing idea ... Produce the largest collaborative piece of abstract art! ... In fact produce it by one million artists!" Yes, that's right, I think this is indeed the largest collaborative undertaking in Art, which is going on nowadays and I do really hope that one day this abstract art will come into existence. This project from the outset is a longest but extremely interesting journey. Statement that Art is a powerful tool is quite true especially, when Art can go hand in hand with new Technologies. By dint of Internet people from all over the world can mix up at one web site, get to know each other better through Art and thus get something new.

Frankly, I checked a Guinness World Records because of my endless hunger to know more. I just wanted to find a previous record, which was aimed on standing a record as "Most Painters Of One Picture". It goes without any doubt that I found such record. For all, who is curious as well as I am, you can explorer this record here: Guinness World Records. Moreover, I managed to find a web site of Texas painter Jim Campbell, who already owns Guinness Certificate, where he is demonstrating his painting and all what ever you want to know about life of this painting and Guinness World Record. I would like to let you know here is a link to bate your curiosity: Campbell Artist

In my view there is a significant difference between the previous record of Jim Campbell and the current project. Mr. Campbell required an actual presence of the participant to add a dot to the painting. According to his web site he was able to involve "... 25,297 people. These people represent 844 Texas towns and cities. People came from 44 of the 50 United States and 21 countries." This is an impressive result at any rate. To take part in the Million Artists project you do not have to travel. The Internet provides you the means to put your mark without making a single step away from your computer. Hopefully, this will allow bringing in people from even more countries, turning it into a truly international effort, an example of cooperation for a noble cause. This is another and even more important difference. The Million Artists project is donating all the proceedings to charities, such as Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and the SickKids Foundation. Its goal is not only to make a record worth of the Guinness Book but also to help save lives and make our world a better place.

I for one hope that a Million Artists can make a world better. What about you?

© Tatiana Kuznetsova, June 2006
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